JustSave Foods of Ramseur
Ramseur Plaza Shopping Center
135 Brady St Ext
Ramseur, NC 27316

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Mon-Sun: 7am-10pm



(336) 824-5145



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Connect with Us

Just$ave will provide you with a sense of being part of a community and our family. Our store appeals to budget conscious people who believe in hometown goodness and traditional cooking. We are a destination for meat and deliver sensible ways for hard-working folks to provide quality products for their families at prices that are so good, it’s not worth the trip to go anywhere else.

Simple, clean and easy to shop
Well stocked shelves
Fast, friendly service
Wow! Look at the Value!

The right items at the right prices
Value-driven brands
Plenty for everyone
Good Old Fashioned Service!

Letting our customers know we value their business
We want to know our customers
We will do the right thing for every customer, every day
Proud to be your Neighbor!

We are a family-owned, Carolinas-based company.
We are committed to supporting local farmers and businesses.

Feeding the hungry
We are passionate about feeding the hungry and work hard to eliminate hunger in the communities we serve.