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    Arm & Hammer™ Plus the Power of OxiClean™! This unique laundry detergent combines the cleaning and freshening power of Arm & Hammer™ detergent with OxiClean™ stain fighters! Arm & Hammer™ Plus the Power of OxiClean™ cleans over 101 stains, yet is color safe. No fading, not bleaching.** Just clean, bright colorful clothes that look and smell terrific. Unleash the 2-in-1 power for cleaner, whiter, fresher laundry* with Arm & Hammer™ Plus the Power of OxiClean™! Removes Even the Toughest Stains! Whiter Whites, Brighter Brights!*; Baking Soda Fresh! Keeps Colors Vibrant!; Biodegradable Cleaning Agents Concentrated Use 1/3 Less; Safe for Septic Systems; Kosher