Dandy Radish Coins

Nutritious and ready to eat! Low in calories - high in crunch! Dandy Radish Coins are convenient, crisp, all-natural, zippy & versatile! These thinly-sliced coins are ready to jazz up your meals: Toss Radish Coins with grapefruit sections, chives and olive oil and serve with fish or meat; Spread crackers with hummus and top each with a Radish Coin; Sprinkle Radish Coin over stir-fries just before serving; Toss Radish Coins, cucumber and red onion with ranch-style dressing for a fresh salad. Dipping, tossing or topping - the possibilities are endless! dudafresh.com. Get Ideas and Share: Twitter: (at)Dandy_Fresh; Facebook: Dandy Fresh Fruits and Vegetables; YouTube: dudafreshproduce; Instagram: dandyfreshproduce; Pinterest: DandyFresh. Product of USA. Grown in the USA.