Bolthouse Farms Tea Selects Green Tea, with Acai

Since 1915. Tea & fruit antioxidants. A blend of brewed tea and 3 not from concentrate and from concentrate juices. 40 acai berries; brewed green tea. Five fruit and vegetable servings are recommended every day for good health. Feel good about what's in this bottle. 50% juice. Our Tea Selects Green Tea with Acai is a revitalizing blend of antioxidant rich green tea, complemented with the exotic sweetness of wild Brazilian acai berries. These flavors combine into an iced tea that not only quenches your thirst, but helps keep you feeling your best. Antioxidant Vitamins: Vitamin A: 20% daily value; supports the circulatory system. Vitamin C: 100% daily value; benefits the immune system. Vitamin E: 20% daily value; maintains skin and eye tissue. EGCG: Naturally occurring antioxidant thought to promote good health. Flash pasteurized and cold-filled for quality. Product of USA.