Louis Kemp Crab Delights Snack Kit with Cocktail Sauce Leg Style

Louis Kemp® Crab Delight® Leg Style Snack Kit with Cocktail Sauce. Quality since 1930. 250mg omega 3. Low cholesterol. 150 calories. 11g protein. See nutrition information for sodium content amounts listed are per serving. Contains 2 servings. Fully cooked. Marzetti®. Trident Seafoods®. Alaska Seafood®. Contains 2 servings: Two 5 oz pouches, individually wrapped. Two 1 oz cups of cocktail sauce. Try our entire line of Louis Kemp® products: Crab Delights®: Flake style 8 oz. & 16 oz. Chunk style 8 oz. Leg style 8 oz. & 16 oz. Chesapeake bay 8 oz. Garlic herb 8 oz. Flake style resealable tub 12 oz. Snack kit with cocktail sauce resealable tub 12 oz. 5 single sticks 7.5 oz. New! Sriracha sticks 6.5 oz. New! Lemon pepper flake style 3 oz. Lobster Delights®: Chunk style 8 oz. Salmon Delights®: Salmon bite style 8 oz. Salmon & herb cream cheese snack 6.5 oz. Toll free 1.866.413.4749. Visit www.louiskemp.com. ©2015 Trident Seafoods Corporation. Louis Kemp® is a registered trademark of Trident Seafoods Corporation.