Kars Nut 'N Berry Mix, Unsalted

Stay fresh with resealable zipper. Sensible snacks since 1933. There's a ton of powerful - and powerfully tasty - stuff in Kar's Nut 'N Berry Mix. Gently roasted peanuts, almonds and kernels kiss the dried cranberries and raisins to first get your mouth watering, then provide a steady current to your energy center. Kar's Nut 'N Berry Mix gives you the protein, calcium, iron and fiber you need, without the added salt. So, grab a handful for natural, long-lasting energy to keep you going. We at Kar's Nuts believe that our nuts and mixes make snacking fun! Plus, we feel that the levels of protein in nuts leave you feelings satiated (satisfyingly full), and less likely to overeat. In other words, a little goes a long way! We also believe that eating smart carbohydrates and smart fats (like those found in nuts) help maintain a healthy lifestyle. For consumer inquiries call 800-527-6887 or visit www.karsnuts.com.