Bigs Bacon Salt Sunflower Seeds, Sizzlin Bacon Flavor

Big seeds. Big flavor! Everything should taste like bacon. Unleash the flavor. Break Open The Bigs!: It all starts in sun-drenched Colorado - a place where the mountains stand tall and so do the massive sunflowers that produce many of the Bigs: seeds we roast today. Its here where the living is large. The ballparks are busy. And the legend of the Bigs was born. Since 2004. We have been roasting only the finest jumbo seeds available and flavoring them with your favorite ingredients. Our fans know our seeds as the Bigs. And in one handful you'll know why they come for more: bigger seeds flavored our Bigs signature way. Were crazy about making great-tasting sunflower seeds. But even more. We're fired-up on our fans. You're seeders of all walks of life that have one thing in common: you'd drive 100 miles to share good times and great seeds with the best of friends. From the barbecue to the bleachers. You expect the same great taste in every bag of Bigs. It's that same hunger for quality that keeps our family roasting only the best seeds America can grow. We guarantee it one seed at a time. So tear open a bag and bring on those good times by the handful. It's cool. We'll roast more. The Bigs brothers. Bring home the bacon! Bigs is proud to bring you our bacon salt sizzlin bacon. America's first bacon flavored sunflower seed! They're so good that you can taste that crispy delicious bacon flavor like it's hot off the skillet. Step up to the plate and unleash the flavor of Bigs! Our Big Guarantee. This product is guaranteed to satisfy or we will replace it (with returned proof of purchase). Online: Mail: Thanasi Foods LLC PO Box 4307 Boulder, CO 80306-4307. USA made.