Sun-Maid Dried Halves Peaches

Sun-Maid® Dried Halves Peaches. 100% fruit "no sugar added". Free our 100th anniversary ebook. Since 1912. Sun-maid raisins & dried fruits: Serving American families & the world since 1912. One hundred years in the making, Sun-Maid's century of experience answers all your questions on raisins and dried fruits - their unique characteristics, their history, and how they are grown, processed, marketed, and enjoyed throughout the world. Available as a free download for iPad/iPhone or as a pdf, Sun-Maid's 100th anniversary ebook features vibrant color photographs, fun facts, and more than 50 favorite recipes featuring raisins and dried fruits. The Sun-Maid seal is your assurance of the finest quality. Quality seal. ® trademark of Sun-Maid growers of California and ©Sun-Maid growers of California, 2003.