Fruitastics Apple Sauce Smoothers Super Strawberry - 4 CT

Fruitastics® Super Strawberry Apple Sauce Smoothers. New! Since 1908. White House®. Awesomely all natural. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial ingredients. Free stickers. Inside to decorate your pouch. All natural Fruitastics® are a fun way to bring a little real fruit goodness to your on-the-go day. Kids love them. Moms and dads feel better knowing that Fruitastics® make it easy to share a deliciously healthy smile. Made from homegrown apples and locally packaged. A family owned company, growing and planting apple trees to ensure quality products for your family and ours. From our house to yours... White House. Made from U.S. apples in Winchester, VA. Super strawberry. Silly cinnamon. Banana blast. Awesome apple. Try all of our Fruitastic® varieties. Please recycle. Fruitastics® would love to hear from you! 1-800-655-4022 M-F 8AM-5PM ET. ©NFPC, Inc 2013.