Little Crow Foods Coco Wheats

Celebrating 106 years. Little Crow Foods. Family made & family loved since 1903 Coco Wheats The creamy hot cereal with the cocoa treat! Quick & easy nutrition! Good source of calcium & iron plus 7 vitamins. Miracle Maize, corn bread & muffin mix, country style. Fast Shake. Fryin' Magic quick & easy. Bakin' Miracle. Visit where you can shop our entire family of products. And check out our company store to order your Coco Bear & Coco Wheats T-shirt, plus get recipes, coupons, & more! Guarantee: Your satisfaction guaranteed or purchase price refunded. Any questions or comments about Coco Wheats Call 1-800-288-2769, toll free 8-5 (EST) weekdays. For this recipe and more visit