Snapple Juice Drink Lemonade

Snapple® Juice Drink Lemonade. Juice drink from concentrate flavored with other natural flavors. All natural. Made from the Best Stuff On Earth!™ Squeeze me. Less than 1% Lemon juice. Anybody can make lemonade, but Snapple makes it the best because we only use the Best Stuff On Earth. Lemonade is one of our original favorites from our days as a small brand in New York. Real lemon juice and real sugar go into every bottle for sweet, tart and tangy summertime or anytime refreshment. If you could bottle a sunny day in Central Park it would taste exactly like this. Contains less than 1% Juice. Gluten free. 190 Calories per bottle. Please recycle. Call us at 1-800-762-7753 or visit us at ©2015 Snapple Beverage Corp