Playtex VentAire Bottle, Complete Tummy Comfort, Slow, 6 Ounce

0-3 m+. 177 ml. With NaturalLatch silicone nipple. Anti-Colic Vent Helps Prevent: gas; spit-up; fussiness. BPA free. Trusted by moms for over 50 years. Fewer air bubbles means a happier tummy! Unique Anti-Colic Bottom Vent: Helps prevent air ingestion for less gas, colic and spit-up. Unlike ordinary bottles, the VentAire anti-colic vent keeps air at the back of the bottle as baby drinks, so virtually no air mixes with the milk & gets into baby's tummy. Most like mom. Raised texture helps baby latch naturally- Clinically Proven! Natural wide shape. Easy switching between breast and bottle. Easy to Clean and Assemble: Removable top and bottom for easy cleaning; all parts dishwasher safe, top rack only. Angled bottle design: Promotes semi-upright feeding which is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections. Mix and Match: All Playtex nipple rings & caps can be used with Playtex Nurser wide reusable bottles. Happy Healthy Tummy Guaranteed! If not completely satisfied, then return for full refund of purchase price or replacement. Read and keep enclosed insert with warnings, cleaning instruction and tips. See how it works at Join our community Made in China.