Blistex Simple and Sensitive Lip Moisturizer

Blistex Simple and Sensitive Lip Moisturizer. New! Hypo-allergenic, non-irritating formula. Hydrates with cocoa butter, jojoba & sunflower seed oil. Contains just six ingredients. No flavor, no fragrance, no color. Purely essential daily lip care. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cocoa butter: A lush tropical extract with serious moisturizing properties. Sunflower seed oil: A nutrient-rich oil selected for its comforting qualities. Jojoba: A naturally-derived emollient that helps smooth and soften lips. Vitamin E: A highly beneficial antioxidant. Microcrystalline wax: Helps give the formula an appealing form and feel. Phenoxyethanol: A necessary preservative to maintain freshness. Card is 100% recyclable. Blistex simple and sensitive contains just six carefully chosen ingredients to moisturize even the most sensitive lips effectively and without irritation... for care your lips will love. Non-irritating: With no flavors, fragrances, colors or unnecessary sensitizing ingredients, simple and sensitive's hypo-allergenic formula is rigorously tested and clinically proven to be gentle on lips. 2012 Blistex Inc.