Odor Eaters Plus Arch Support Insoles with Zorbitex Technology, Men's, Large (Sizes 8-12)

Trim to size. Contains Arm & Hammer baking soda. Long-lasting protection. Cushions; Comforts; Supports. Helps prevent tired, achy feet. Destroys odor on contact! Absorbs 110% its weight in sweat. Exclusive! The only arch support with odor-eaters protection. Revolutionary Design: Moisture-wicking fabric; Patented Super-Activated Charcoal Layer with baking soda; Molded cup cradles heel, supports arch to prevent tired, achy feet; Forefoot and arch ventilated for perspiration control; Tapered toe cushions without crowding. Plus long-lasting odor & wetness protection. Zorbitex Technology is a powerful combination of patented ingredients and Arm & Hammer Baking Soda that outperforms any single odor or wetness ingredient. Superior Odor and Wetness Protection: Destroys odor on contact and absorbs 110% its weight in sweat. Powerful antibacterial kills the odor-causing bacteria and fungus on the surface of the insole. Ventilated forefoot and arch help feet breathe so feet feel more comfortable. Keeps feet fresh and dry all day! There's an Odor-Eaters Insole designed for everyone. Arch support for all shoes. Cushions & supports arches. Prevents tired, achy feet. For active, hard-working feet.