Fish Eye Shiraz, California, 2005

20/5 oz Glasses. Fresh wine anytime. No tool required. Dive into FishEye - the relaxed, flavorful wine from California. We've created a big splash by reeling in a net full of awards and proving to be the catch of the day for those on the lookout for big flavor, without paying a pirate's ransom. Thanks to our Mediterranean-like California climate with its warm summer days and cool nights, we consistently produce well-crafted wines. This Shiraz boasts flavors so bold and flavorful, they jump right out of the glass. Go ahead; hitch a ride on the FishEye wine wave. Our award-winning California Shiraz boasts bold flavors of black cherry, raspberry and spice. Generous ripe berry fruit leads to a lush, lingering finish. This wine goes great with grilled veggies, barbequed meats and hearty cheeses. Toss the corkscrew and relax. Our patented Wine Cask system allows you to enjoy fresh wine anytime by preventing oxidation that occurs in half empty wine bottles. Once opened, FishEye tastes fresh up to six weeks. Air stays out so flavors stay in! Watch out! This wine jumps out of your glass! Alc. 13% by volume.