Hinnant Family Vineyards Pink Muscadine, North Carolina

Premium muscadine wine. A North Carolina tradition. North Carolina has the largest state-maintained highway system in the US. It currently has 77,400 miles of roads. Since 1971, the Hinnant Family has been hard at work transforming the local landscape of Johnston County, NC into a winemaking region we can be proud of. Generations of sweaty brows, purpled fingers and sunburned shoulders have gone into perfecting these unique Muscadine wines. Hinnant Family Vineyards & Winery is now the oldest and one of the largest Muscadine vineyards in the state. Our family invites you to enjoy our wines made from native North Carolina grapes! This rich harmony of berry flavors - smooth from first sip to last - is made from two varieties of golden muscadine grapes, blended into one irresistible Pink Muscadine. You're always welcome at the winery. Just 30 miles east of Raleigh, located off highway 70. hinnantvineyards.com. Alcohol 12% by volume.