Corbett Canyon Merlot, California

Enjoy a glass a day. Once opened stays fresh for over 6 weeks. California grown, crafted & bottled premium wine. Medium bodied with hints of blackberry & toasty oak. Founded in 1978, Corbett Canyon began with a simple philosophy - consistently craft wines worth twice their price. As word got out, wine lovers from California would travel to Corbett Canyon's Hacienda-styled winery to purchase wines that cost half of what others were charging. In 1985, winemaker John Clark joined the winery with a vision - introduce the rest of America to Corbett Canyon's outstanding value. With each succeeding harvest, John has created a more flavorful wine by bringing small winery techniques - cool fermentation and blending for complexity to Corbett Canyon. This caused a revolution in winemaking practices that showered the winery with over 150 awards at prestigious national and international wine competitions and awarded John, Central Coast Winemaker of the year. We can win awards, but it still just comes down to how you like our wines, says John. I craft wines to be enjoyed with life's everyday pleasures - cooking dinner, connecting with family and friends or just relaxing with a loved one. Here's to making each day better than the last. Our Merlot is medium bodied with deep blackberry aromas and a soft, satisfying finish. Enjoy its smooth flavors with grilled pork chops, braised lamb and roast chicken. Corbett Canyon Premium Wine Cask system prevents oxidation that occurs in half empty wine-in-bottles. Even after the cask is opened, the fresh taste is preserved for weeks, not days, by our patented Smart Tap spout and a unique inner pouch. Treat yourself to a glass tonight. Alc. 12.5% by vol.