Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Aromas of dark fruit & blackberry. A robust character that's naturally rich in style. Naked Truth no. 18: It takes nothing to join the crowd but takes everything to stand alone. Sometimes, you've just got it. There's a different kind of confidence that shines when quality is shared rather than flaunted. Some people have a naturally rich style that's effortless yet deep and complex. This character is never showy or high maintenance and reminds us a lot of the Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon. Our wine offers bold flavors of dark fruit and blackberries without making you bend over backward to enjoy it. We think our robust and ready Cabernet calls for a toast. So let's raise a glass to richness that's readily available. Bare it all. 888-nkd-grpe (653-4773). Alc. 13.5% by vol. Vinted and bottled by Grape Valley Wine Company, Modesto, California.