Pyramid Ale, Wheat, Hefeweizen, Haywire

Unfiltered wheat ale. Life is what you pour into it. Urban summits. Mountain metroplexes. Concrete jungles. It doesn't matter where life gets lived. What's important is we choose to really live it. After all, the point is to let adventure move our feet and to make sure we hear unexpected moments when they call. Where the bottle meets the road. With breweries in Seattle, Portland and Berkeley, we love working, brewing and playing in cities that continually inspire and surprise us. We like to think we've successfully distilled that enthusiasm into each bottle. The host of awards on our mantle is just icing on the cake. Pick your pyramid. Year-round beers. Seasonal ales. Specialty offers. A world of extraordinary tastes waiting to be explored. In bottles or on draft. At our breweries, our alehouses and wherever else good friends gather. Quality beer worth sharing. Handcrafted taste worth savoring. Adventures worth remembering. Since 1984.