Pyramid Ale, Fall Variety, Seasonal

Celebrating 30 years 1984-2014. Thunderhead IPA India Pale Ale; Oktoberfest Autumn Lager; Fascinator Doppelbock Rich & Malty Lager; Broken Rake Amber Ale. 4 styles - 3 bottles each. Please recycle. Thunderhead IPA - A hop-heaping IPA whose floral aroma strikes a harmonious blend between a sweet malt flavor and bold hop bitterness. Oktoberfest - A strong malt backbone is delicately balanced with hop bitterness to create an Oktoberfest with a deep amber color and rich flavor. The perfect beer to celebrate the fall season. Fascinator Doppelbock - Fascinator Dopplebock is a full-bodied brew featuring a heavenly roasted and caramel malt character that will fascinate the most devout beer lovers. Broken Rake - Copper is a color and big in flavor, this Amber Ale is the perfect yard work companion. Broken Rake's subtle and citrusy hop character elegantly balances the malt overtones, making it a great way to welcome Autumn. Seattle. Portland. Berkeley. Visit our website to find a pint of Pyramid pouring near you. Quality beers worth sharing since 1984. Facebook/Pyramidbrew. Twitter at Pyramidbrew. Instagram at Pyramidbrew.