Yes, you can enroll at the customer service kiosk.

Simply ask any employee and they can give you an application and direct you to the convenient kiosk that will help you enroll.

You will receive two large cards and three keychain cards that anyone in the family can use.

No. Lowes Foods and Just$ave are two different stores and you will need a card for each store if you shop in both. We have a convenient phone number look-up in the checkstand if you forget your card.

Simply inform any employee on your next visit that you need a replacement card, and he or she will make sure you get a new one.

No. The purchase information stays with us. It helps us determine the best mix of products and services to offer you.

We recognize that our customers are looking for more ways to save their hard-earned dollars and using coupons is one of the best ways to save additional money. To allow all of our customers to enjoy these additional savings, our prevailing guideline is that Just Save reserves the right to limit quantities in coupon usage and product purchases.

Just Save welcomes legitimate manufacturer coupons when the following requirements are met:

  • Coupons must be in date.
  • Coupons must match the item(s) purchased.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • To ensure product availability for all customers, we limit redemption to 4 coupons for 4 of the same item. For example, if you have five coupons for a specific cereal and have purchased five of the item, we will honor the coupon for up to four of the boxes of cereal.
  • All sales taxes are paid by the customer at the full retail value of the item.
  • Coupon value cannot exceed our retail price of the item; no cash back will be awarded.
    Digital coupons and paper coupons for the same item may not be combined in the same transaction. If a digital coupon is present in the transaction, it will take precedence over a paper coupon for the same item.

From time to time, our manufacturer coupon promotions will be enhanced. For example, we may offer our customers the opportunity to double their coupons. Special promotional opportunities will be featured in our circular or online.

We gladly accept legitimate internet coupons. However, there has been a growing number of fraudulent internet coupons in the marketplace. We are committed to protecting our customers, manufacturers and our company against this illegal activity. Therefore, Just Save will practice the following guidelines for internet coupons:

  1. We will only accept printable internet coupons if they scan at checkout.
  2. We will not honor FREE Product coupons printed from the Internet.
  3. We will accept Buy One Get One FREE and other values that have a purchase requirement.
  4. We will accept internet coupons that have an expiration date. If no expiration date is visible, we cannot accept the coupon.
  5. Coupons will be rejected if they are distorted, altered or obvious duplicates. Coupons are non-transferrable, meaning they should not be photocopied or scanned and distributed to others.
  6. Coupons have unique serial numbers printed on them and follow industry-standard format. Any presented coupon that does not follow standard format will not be accepted.
  7. With the purchase of two like manufacturer’s products, we accept two internet coupons per day.

If you have any questions on the standard format of internet coupons, you can verify at www.printcoupons.com

We accept all Print at Home coupons from coupons.com as long as they are in date, unaltered, and are not copies. There is a limit of one coupon per purchase unless otherwise stated.

  • In order to redeem store coupons, a Just Save rewards card must be used.
  • Store coupons must be in date.
  • All limits and purchase requirements must be followed.
  • We gladly accept local supermarket or supercenter competitor’s circular coupons or direct mail coupons for dollars off the entire order. (examples include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Kroger, Super Target, Super K-Mart, Wal-mart)
  • We will not accept any competitor coupons for specific items. For example, we will not accept a competitor’s coupon for $1.00 off of an individual item.
  • Purchase requirements must be met.
  • Coupon must be in-date.
  • We will not accept any type of internet coupons from any other retailers.
  • We will not accept any type of competitor coupons from drug stores or club stores.
  • We will not accept Lowes Foods coupons.
  • We will accept Catalina Check-out Manufacturer coupons from competitors as long as they are in date, all purchase requirements are met, and they scan.

For your safety, we would like to be able to notify you in case of any product recalls of products that you have specifically purchased. Additionally, from time to time, we may extend you special offers by e-mail.

We have cut a few corners in our store offerings and services and have rolled the savings back to our customers with lower prices.

Quite frankly, we had a lot of products on our shelves that just weren’t selling. These products were tying up space in inventory and making the shopping experience more difficult for you. Our buyers have carefully selected a variety of products that offer great values and they will continue to look for more every day.

Yes! We will strive to offer even more locally produced or grown products than ever! We are committed to helping local and small businesses thrive.

We did a lot of research into bringing you a carefully selected variety, but nobody’s perfect! We will keep track of the products you request, and add them to the selection if we missed an opportunity to serve a good number of customers.

No. We will continue to be open to serve you from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. seven days a week.

You should still see most of the same familiar faces that you have seen before. We may do some switching of employees among local stores, but no employees will lose their jobs. We hope that the success of our new store will allow us to hire more employees in the future!

Yes. We know it is important for everyone to conserve resources and protect our environment from unnecessary waste. Customers will receive a 5¢ credit for every reusable bag they use.

Just$ave and Lowes Foods are two completely different stores, with a different offering of products and services. The ads for each store will be tailored carefully to reflect each store’s offerings.

No. And likewise, the ads and specials at Just$ave will not be honored in Lowes Foods.

Yes. We believe in the quality of our products and want to make sure we make it right if we should every disappoint you with any of our products. If you are not completely satisfied with the freshness or quality of any perishable or Lowes Foods private label product you purchase in our store, JustSave will replace the item AND refund your money with a valid receipt.

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase, simply return the merchandise within 60 days. Just$ave will, at our discretion, replace it or refund your money based on your method of payment and a valid receipt. Just$ave reserves the right to refuse or limit the number of returns permitted without valid receipt. Valid ID (state driver’s license, state ID card, military ID and Just$ave loyalty card) may be required for returns.

Information required for enrollment in Just$ave Rewards will be used to service your account, notify you of any important updates related to your account and provide you with special offers.

  1. Just Save Stores, Inc. will not sell your personal information to third parties. Name, address, phone number and email address are examples of personal information. Transactional data that contains no personal identification information (e.g., item descriptions, quantities, prices, transaction time, etc.) is not considered to be personal.
  2. Just Save Stores, Inc. may share customer information with other Alex Lee, Inc. companies (Alex Lee, Inc. is the parent company of Lowe’s Food Stores, Inc.) and businesses that process Just$ave Rewards information on our behalf (e.g., printers who need certain details to print our mailings). Just Save Stores, Inc. may also use and share customer data, without disclosing personal information, to learn more about customer behavior and find ways to enhance our products and services. Alex Lee, Inc. and businesses that process Just$ave Rewards information on our behalf will not share or sell any personal customer information with any other party.
  3. The Just$ave Savings Card and key fobs are issued by and remain the property of Just Save Stores, Inc. which reserves the right, at any time, without notice, to: (a) terminate the program; (b) decline to issue Just$ave Savings cards and key fobs (c) withdraw or cancel cards, key fobs or to alter or amend the Terms & Conditions of the Just$ave Rewards program.
  4. All participants in Just$ave Rewards must be at least 18 years of age.
  5. The Just$ave Savings card is not transferable, and may only be used by members of the primary cardholder’s immediate family, residing at the same address as the primary cardholder.
  6. Just$ave Rewards accounts may be closed at any time at the discretion of Just Save Stores, Inc.
  7. Just$ave Savings cards are only for personal and consumer use. Just$ave Savings cards and all offers provided to cardholders, may not be transferred, sold or traded. They may only be combined with member accounts with the same mailing address.
  8. Just$ave Savings cards remain the responsibility of the cardholder. Just Save Stores, Inc. is not responsible for lost cards, stolen cards, or redemption of offers resulting from a lost or stolen card.
  9. A valid email address is required. Just Save Stores, Inc. reserves the right to revoke any Rewards if, at any time, it is determined that a valid email address does not exist on an account.

The provider of Just$ave Rewards is Lowe’s Food Stores, Inc., PO Box 24908, Winston-Salem, NC, 27114-4908.